[Sidefx-houdini-list] Skin SOP Flipping

Rick Walia rickw at the-mill.com
Fri Jan 6 17:25:08 EST 2006

ken wrote:
> sounds like the point count on your curves is changing over time.
> you could try to use a resampleSOP and set the max number of pts on the 
> curves so they are consistent

Yep, the point counts are changing per frame. I have used the resampleSOP, and set 
the max number but no luck.

> or
> do you have the same number of curves on every frame?

yes, there's 4 curves total.

> if yes, does their primitive ordering(number) remain consistent from 
> frame to frame?


> maybe...
> are you using a facetSOP to consolidate points over time? 

nope, no faceting over here.

> you could post a stripped down version on the sidefxforums.. one of us 
> could take a peak at it.

Good idea. Right now my license server is down so I get to play space invaders 
until it comes back up. I'll post a sample hip the sesi forums as soon as I can 
run houdini.



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