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Peter Robbinson probbins at corefa.com
Fri Jan 6 12:43:17 EST 2006

I'm real pleased with Ubuntu. Updating is very smooth and no issues so 
far with Houdini or other tools.
Stay away from Kbuntu, it's a kde version. Not sure why the bother, you 
can have kde running in ubuntu. Anyways, kbuntu is not nearly as well 
put together, it's a different
team doing it.

If I finally get a linux version of Fusion then Windows could pretty 
much be ditched. Alternatively if Cops ever gets updated then ...


Dries wrote:

> John Coldrick wrote:
>> On Friday 06 January 2006 08:29, Dries wrote:
>>> Hi Paul and all,
>>> A rough number: houdini crashes on me at least 2 or 3 times a day.
>>     I'd consider that unacceptable.  Maybe 5-7 years ago, but not 
>> nowadays.  About all I can suggest is that if you get a higher end 
>> graphics card(like the FX series), then you'll have zip 
>> problems(rather late for that now, of course, but perhaps the 
>> future).  That's what we're running here.  I'll be honest, I've 
>> completely lost track of the Nvidia series cards, they've splintered 
>> so much over the years I'm lost there.  All I do is buy 
>> workstation-level graphics cards, and it seems to be fine for us, 
>> running the same OS/release as you.
> I'll consider it, as I do every time, but up till now I've always 
> opted for an extra render node. FYI, I'm trying Ubuntu for a change 
> now. OpenSuse's ftp repositories are driving me crazy. 5 cd's download 
> to upgrade but actually you have to reinstall? No, not nice.
> Obviously I shouldn't try to keep my production machine so 'on the 
> edge' of course. But here I do a lot of things by myself: 3D, comping, 
> editing, authoring the DVD,... You can do this with a linux, but hell, 
> you'll be tweaking into infinity.
>>> A guarantee crash for me is when clicking th cross to fetch a texmap 
>>> and
>>> in the that browser window click on the eye icon to load it up in mplay
>>> first. Always when I swith to my cops desktop, I hit save first. You
>>> know, I'd rather not do that.
>>     Absolutely, and you shouldn't have to.  I just tested that to 
>> verify(SUSE 10/64 bit Intel/FX3600 PCIe) and it works fine.  You 
>> running daily builds or the last official release?  I'm on 8.0.454.
> Running 8.0.410 on amd dual core,
>>> The mantra renderer hardly ever causes me problems though. So there 
>>> must
>>> still be issues with using linux as a workstation. Linux is the
>>> preferred rendering platform, but athough I was such a linux
>>> enthousiast, I've come to believe that that community thingy is just
>>> never going to get me there.
>>     Well, the most common complaint I've heard is the opposite - lots 
>> of windows Houdini users seem to have more trouble than linux users, 
>> and they complain quite loudly about it.  Again, all it takes is a 
>> bad graphics card/driver combination to change one's opinion on 
>> this.  That's been the case with Linux for years, no question.
> Well, I'm banning windows completely. I want progression, linux was a 
> step up but just in my opinion, there is a very good chance that Apple 
> is the next step up (in my situation, and mind you, only for as a 
> desktop machine).
> In this regard it was important to me to have preview on a broadcast 
> video monitor. I surfed the net for months but no SDI i/o card is 
> supported in linux, other then far too expensive prof nvidia card. And 
> honestly, I don't really understand the nvidia strategy: the drivers 
> for their low-end cards still aren't doing that well under linux. So 
> buy the big expensive ones, we do support those drivers well?? I have 
> felt left behind for a year now. And isn't it very viable company 
> policy to start with what you can certainly afford and then move up? 
> If I have that much money to spend, why still not go for apple? The 
> machine is not that expensive compared to prices of those high-end 
> cards. At least you'll have the guarantee your hardware will work with 
> apple, otherwise they simply wouldn't make it available.
> I was expecting a big push towards linux and an opportunity for the 3D 
> community to really commit and contribute. I now have to realise, 
> after a year, I still can't author my project on DVD, I don't have 
> broadcast preview, I don't have good editing software, I have to use 
> the Limp and if I'm lucky I can eject my cd.
> You are all right of course: an allrounder guy should honestly, not 
> use Houdini. But it happens to be the package that adds meaning to 3D. 
> I would totally ditch 3D if Houdini wasn't out by now.
> When is it finally all coming together?
>>     With Linux, yup, you can't just assemble systems with the same 
>> freedom as Windows, I'll never argue that.  :)  When you go in 
>> knowing that, however, you'll get the far improved(IMHO) OS and all 
>> the benefits.  Here, I just avoid the whole nightmare(so far, anyway 
>> :) ) and just cough up for the higher end cards, although I think 
>> many will argue the FX series is sort of midrange nowadays, unless 
>> you go absolutely top of the series, which I never do).
>>     Cheers,
>>     J.C.
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