[Sidefx-houdini-list] houdini crashes...

John Coldrick jc at axyzfx.com
Fri Jan 6 11:35:11 EST 2006

On Friday 06 January 2006 11:13, Dries wrote:
> OpenSuse's ftp repositories are driving me crazy. 5 cd's download to
> upgrade but actually you have to reinstall? No, not nice.

	I agree.  I never use the download discs, I just cough up the $50 for the 
discs.  You get a reliable DVD with both 32 and 64 bit on it, a 5 CD set of 
the same, install support, plus it ships with more multimedia apps that, for 
licensing reasons, can't be included in the Opensuse version.  Well worth it 
for that price.

> Obviously I shouldn't try to keep my production machine so 'on the edge'
> of course. 

	I tell myself the same thing.  :)

> >	Absolutely, and you shouldn't have to.  I just tested that to verify(SUSE
> >10/64 bit Intel/FX3600 PCIe) and it works fine.  You running daily builds
> > or the last official release?  I'm on 8.0.454.
> Running 8.0.410 on amd dual core,

	Hmm, wondering if it's the dual core thing.  Haven't gone that route yet.

> Well, I'm banning windows completely. I want progression, linux was a
> step up but just in my opinion, there is a very good chance that Apple
> is the next step up (in my situation, and mind you, only for as a
> desktop machine).

	heh.  We tried windows on a single workstation back in the day when it was 
the only stable option against stupidly overpriced SGI workstations, and it 
was a disaster for us used to a Unix workstation.  It's banned here too.  :P

	I'm well documented as anti-Apple...won't go there in this discussion...:)

> In this regard it was important to me to have preview on a broadcast
> video monitor. I surfed the net for months but no SDI i/o card is
> supported in linux, other then far too expensive prof nvidia card.

	We're lucky here - no shortage of video buffers in a compositing environment.  
I know it's not the same thing at *all*, but we also use Cinespace.  Really 
great colour matching tool, especially when you start working in film.

> And 
> honestly, I don't really understand the nvidia strategy: the drivers for
> their low-end cards still aren't doing that well under linux. So buy the
> big expensive ones, we do support those drivers well??

	I agree.  Unfortunately for Linux-heads like myself, they don't really have 
any competition.  I hoped ATI would get their act together, but no such luck.

> When is it finally all coming together?

	I'll be honest, I think it's the smaller companies that suffer more, for 
obvious reasons.  We're still considered small, but we have compositors, 
editors, and we have to push final comped product out the door in various 
resolutions, so the investment has to be there for all the things you talk 
about.  It's obviously tougher when you're a 3 person shop and have to have a 
workable solution for all these things.



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