[Sidefx-houdini-list] houdini crashes...

John Coldrick jc at axyzfx.com
Fri Jan 6 09:50:56 EST 2006

On Friday 06 January 2006 08:29, Dries wrote:
> Hi Paul and all,
> A rough number: houdini crashes on me at least 2 or 3 times a day.

	I'd consider that unacceptable.  Maybe 5-7 years ago, but not nowadays.  
About all I can suggest is that if you get a higher end graphics card(like 
the FX series), then you'll have zip problems(rather late for that now, of 
course, but perhaps the future).  That's what we're running here.  I'll be 
honest, I've completely lost track of the Nvidia series cards, they've 
splintered so much over the years I'm lost there.  All I do is buy 
workstation-level graphics cards, and it seems to be fine for us, running the 
same OS/release as you.

> A guarantee crash for me is when clicking th cross to fetch a texmap and
> in the that browser window click on the eye icon to load it up in mplay
> first. Always when I swith to my cops desktop, I hit save first. You
> know, I'd rather not do that.

	Absolutely, and you shouldn't have to.  I just tested that to verify(SUSE 
10/64 bit Intel/FX3600 PCIe) and it works fine.  You running daily builds or 
the last official release?  I'm on 8.0.454.

> The mantra renderer hardly ever causes me problems though. So there must
> still be issues with using linux as a workstation. Linux is the
> preferred rendering platform, but athough I was such a linux
> enthousiast, I've come to believe that that community thingy is just
> never going to get me there.

	Well, the most common complaint I've heard is the opposite - lots of windows 
Houdini users seem to have more trouble than linux users, and they complain 
quite loudly about it.  Again, all it takes is a bad graphics card/driver 
combination to change one's opinion on this.  That's been the case with Linux 
for years, no question.

	With Linux, yup, you can't just assemble systems with the same freedom as 
Windows, I'll never argue that.  :)  When you go in knowing that, however, 
you'll get the far improved(IMHO) OS and all the benefits.  Here, I just 
avoid the whole nightmare(so far, anyway :) ) and just cough up for the 
higher end cards, although I think many will argue the FX series is sort of 
midrange nowadays, unless you go absolutely top of the series, which I never 



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