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Larry Giunta larry at gcreativestudios.com
Fri Jan 6 08:50:29 EST 2006

I guess it comes back to the question again as to
how difficult ( building Houdini for OSX) would

I'll add that we also don't seem to get a ton of crashes
here ( on FC4) but when it does happen 90%
of the time it's in COPs.

Our dual G5 is definitely a very solid, snappy machine.
...... and although I wouldn't be looking to move full
tilt over to OSX ( for running Houdini) it would be great
to be able to utilize the OSX machines in addition to
the Linux workstations ....... especially over night.

Would this be a huge investment of time and money
on SESI's part?? Is it still not worth the trouble??
Has it worked out for Maya??


Larry Giunta
Creative Director
G Creative Studios
larry at gcreativestudios.com

On Jan 6, 2006, at 8:29 AM, Dries wrote:

> Hi Paul and all,
> A rough number: houdini crashes on me at least 2 or 3 times a day.  
> I'm using dual core athlon at the moment, but there is not much  
> difference with my dual opeteron system. Both have 2gig of Ram and  
> nvidia 6800 and run on Suse 10. 80 percent of those crashes I would  
> say, have the symptoms Dan desccribed when there is graphic driver  
> issues. Sometimes when I open a hip file the screen scrolls to  
> black pretty slowly from the bottom up. Reloading the hip file  
> doesn't solve this. I have to make a new hip file and copy the  
> networks over.
> A guarantee crash for me is when clicking th cross to fetch a  
> texmap and in the that browser window click on the eye icon to load  
> it up in mplay first. Always when I swith to my cops desktop, I hit  
> save first. You know, I'd rather not do that.
> The mantra renderer hardly ever causes me problems though. So there  
> must still be issues with using linux as a workstation. Linux is  
> the preferred rendering platform, but athough I was such a linux  
> enthousiast, I've come to believe that that community thingy is  
> just never going to get me there. I've testrun other OpenGL  
> software on linux such as Maya, Shake and Piranha, and I have the  
> feeling those packages aren't rock solid under linux either. The os  
> itself might have that reputation and I know that nvidia doesn't  
> release open source drivers, but hey bottom line is: it's not  
> working. I've recently bought a Quad G5 Mac. Ran shake on it right  
> away, never a crash since. Maya, up till now flawlessly. It's a lot  
> of money for such a machine, with less Mhz, but I'm really enjoying  
> working on a computer again with this very cool and snappy os. A  
> few Mhz less on a desktop really doesn't matter. Too bad Houdini  
> isn't running on it. If I could, I would never run a desktop  
> manager on linux ever again. For networking, serving,  
> administering, it's a geek's walhalla, but for a creative??   
> (Although OS X server looks magnificent as well) I sincerely hope  
> sesi is jumping on board when apple turns over to intel. Hey Expose.
> D.
> John Coldrick wrote:
>> On Thursday 05 January 2006 13:34, Dan Seddon wrote:
>>> I think it's got slightly less stable over the years as it's  
>>> become more
>>> complex (something I think is understandable) - I reckon it  
>>> peaked for
>>> it's stabilty in about version 3.0. But, I wouldn't say it suddenly
>>> become a lot less stable.
>> 	I agree.  This is assuming no-one's talking about snagging the  
>> latest build...oops Houdini crashes whenever I rub my head and pat  
>> my tummy.  Those sort of bugs tend to get fixed day by day -  
>> interim newly introduced daily build bugs.  Overall, though, I  
>> find Houdini crashes tend to be caused the majority of the time  
>> with driver issues, also, as you mention, pushing mem, especially  
>> with composite.
>> 	I will say that being the piggie I am, i rarely run with less  
>> than two gigs, typically with 4.  Combine that with a statement  
>> that I rarely, if ever, see Houdini crashes, I think that says a  
>> lot for investing in plenty of memory.
>>> seem more stable. I find graphics card crashes tend to be distinctly
>>> different from other crashes - machine freezes, bombs out etc...  
>>> Where's
>>> software bugs/memory failures result in segmentation faults.
>> 	Dunno - for me it's been a long time since having a system  
>> freeze, but yup, if it does happen a graphics driver is typically  
>> behind it.  :P
>> 	Cheers,
>> 	J.C.
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