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Simon Barrick simon at primalpictures.com
Fri Jan 6 08:35:49 EST 2006

Weird, we have hardly any crashes, mostly still using H7.0.369. But
recently started using H8 full on and it's pretty solid. It does do the
crashing on exit thing, that seems to happen on the larger files when a
lot of memory usage and clearing out of the sop cache has been going on,
but apart from that it's pretty stable. Of course we are mostly using
sops and chops will a little cops, so I can't comment on pops and dops.
We use Win XP though...... 


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Hi Paul and all,

A rough number: houdini crashes on me at least 2 or 3 times a day. I'm 
using dual core athlon at the moment, but there is not much difference 
with my dual opeteron system. Both have 2gig of Ram and nvidia 6800 and 
run on Suse 10. 80 percent of those crashes I would say, have the 
symptoms Dan desccribed when there is graphic driver issues. Sometimes 
when I open a hip file the screen scrolls to black pretty slowly from 
the bottom up. Reloading the hip file doesn't solve this. I have to make

a new hip file and copy the networks over.
A guarantee crash for me is when clicking th cross to fetch a texmap and

in the that browser window click on the eye icon to load it up in mplay 
first. Always when I swith to my cops desktop, I hit save first. You 
know, I'd rather not do that.
The mantra renderer hardly ever causes me problems though. So there must

still be issues with using linux as a workstation. Linux is the 
preferred rendering platform, but athough I was such a linux 
enthousiast, I've come to believe that that community thingy is just 
never going to get me there. I've testrun other OpenGL software on linux

such as Maya, Shake and Piranha, and I have the feeling those packages 
aren't rock solid under linux either. The os itself might have that 
reputation and I know that nvidia doesn't release open source drivers, 
but hey bottom line is: it's not working. I've recently bought a Quad G5

Mac. Ran shake on it right away, never a crash since. Maya, up till now 
flawlessly. It's a lot of money for such a machine, with less Mhz, but 
I'm really enjoying working on a computer again with this very cool and 
snappy os. A few Mhz less on a desktop really doesn't matter. Too bad 
Houdini isn't running on it. If I could, I would never run a desktop 
manager on linux ever again. For networking, serving, administering, 
it's a geek's walhalla, but for a creative??  (Although OS X server 
looks magnificent as well) I sincerely hope sesi is jumping on board 
when apple turns over to intel. Hey Expose.


John Coldrick wrote:

>On Thursday 05 January 2006 13:34, Dan Seddon wrote:
>>I think it's got slightly less stable over the years as it's become 
>>more complex (something I think is understandable) - I reckon it 
>>peaked for it's stabilty in about version 3.0. But, I wouldn't say it 
>>suddenly become a lot less stable.
>	I agree.  This is assuming no-one's talking about snagging the
>build...oops Houdini crashes whenever I rub my head and pat my tummy.
>sort of bugs tend to get fixed day by day - interim newly introduced
>build bugs.  Overall, though, I find Houdini crashes tend to be caused
>majority of the time with driver issues, also, as you mention, pushing
>especially with composite.
>	I will say that being the piggie I am, i rarely run with less
than two 
>typically with 4.  Combine that with a statement that I rarely, if
ever, see 
>Houdini crashes, I think that says a lot for investing in plenty of
>>seem more stable. I find graphics card crashes tend to be distinctly 
>>different from other crashes - machine freezes, bombs out etc... 
>>Where's software bugs/memory failures result in segmentation faults.
>	Dunno - for me it's been a long time since having a system
freeze, but 
>if it does happen a graphics driver is typically behind it.  :P
>	Cheers,
>	J.C.

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