[Sidefx-houdini-list] houdini crashes...

Dan Seddon dan.seddon at framestore-cfc.com
Thu Jan 5 13:34:47 EST 2006

I think it's got slightly less stable over the years as it's become more 
complex (something I think is understandable) - I reckon it peaked for 
it's stabilty in about version 3.0. But, I wouldn't say it suddenly 
become a lot less stable. Having said that, I have this funny thing 
going on at the moment where it crashes every time I exit (actually 
pretty handy because Houdini used to be the only app I knew which took 
longer to close down than open up). Previously I've found that, where 
it's not bugs, memory is this biggest culpret when it comes to stability 
- sounds especially likely if you've got some fancy new machines which 
seem more stable. I find graphics card crashes tend to be distinctly 
different from other crashes - machine freezes, bombs out etc... Where's 
software bugs/memory failures result in segmentation faults.


> Hi all,
> Hope you have all recovered from the xmas/new year onslaught.
> Quick straw poll:
> - How many times does Houdini crash per day/week/month?
> - Does anyone suspect mplay is causing instability?
> I've found that we've been experiancing more stability problems in the 
> last year than in the previous five years put together.  I'm currently 
> at a loss why this could be as we're using the same hardware.  Things 
> that have changed are:
> - moved from redhat 9 (rock solid) to Suse 9 (the two new opensuse10 
> machines seem much better - but maybe thats because they're new).
> - new Houdini - is this less stable?
> - thats all!
> The only other factor that has been suggested is the video cards.  
> We're using geforce 4200 to geforce 6800 cards.  However, I know that 
> other studios also use the lower-end non quadro cards and have been 
> fine in the past.
> Any ideas/suggestions/rants most welcome.
> Cheers,
> Paul
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