[Sidefx-houdini-list] Running a script to setvariablesfromaC-shell script

Robert Persons robert at adtechinc.com
Tue Feb 28 13:04:37 EST 2006

I appreciate the suggestions:  I think my problem is in that I'm trying
to set a variable within hscript, from a c shell.

Here's a simplification of what I'm doing:
The simplified render script is:

#! c:/bin/csh -f
source c:/rob/.aliases

hsc a.hip << ENDREND

# These work
set a = 1
set b = 2

echo $a
echo $b

# These don't work
source bunchofvariables

echo res = $renw X $renh " " $renx


#shutdown.exe -s

The simplified "bunchofvariables" script is:

# Set resolution of renders to 360 x 240 .9

set renw = 360
set renh = 240
set renx = .9

echo res = $renw X $renh " " $renx


The echo commands in the bunchofvariables script work (showing the
variables are set there), but they don't change the variables within
hscript. I tried using "setenv" to no avail. I'm suspecting there is
some syntax issue.

My shortcut way to test this is to open a text window within graphical
Houdini and run the source commands ... then check to see if the
variables actually change.  When I use "set" directly they do, when I
source a file of "sets" they don't.



Robert Persons
Adtech Communications Group
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Robert Persons wrote:

> That would seem to make sense, but I tried it and the variables don't
> get set ... hmmmm
Interesting. I just tried at it works for me.
I have 2 files:

In foo.csh I have:
setenv FOO "this is foo"
set morestuff = "this is more text from foo"

in test.csh I have:
source $HOME/foo.csh
echo $FOO
echo $morestuff

If I chmod a+x foo.csh test.csh and run ./test.csh, the output is:
this is foo
this is more text from foo

hope this helps

Rick Walia

The Mill 

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