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Rick Walia rickw3d at gmail.com
Mon Feb 20 12:47:53 EST 2006


I don't know anything about tcl but I use perl and python to interact with
houdini. A few months ago I asked about calling python from houdini in a
custom function and got some helpful responses. You might want to search the
archives in this respect.

In any case.......
In the textport if you type exhelp system. You'll see:
# / --------------------------------------
string system (string)
Returns the output of a unix command.
# / --------------------------------------

So I created a sample python script in my home directory called test.py
inside i just have:
# / --------------------------------------
print "Hello from Python"
# / --------------------------------------

Now inside houdini, I typed the following in the textport:
# / --------------------------------------
set myCmd = `system("python $HOME/test.py")`
echo $myCmd
# / --------------------------------------

The result is:
Hello from Python

Hope this helps,


On 2/20/06 10:57 AM, "Jaideep Khadilkar" <iamjaideep80 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hi Everybody.........
>  I am trying some Tcl scripting with Houdini. The Cotent related to this on
> Odwiki is very good. But can tcl return a value that I can use in Hscript.
>  eg. Suppose I am writing a code in Hscript, and I just want to make use of
> string functions in tcl, then can I just call those funtions and get the data
> from tcl, and use that in Hscript??????
>  Plz Explaine with examples, if u can , cause I am somewhat new to tcl......
>  Thanking in advance.
>  ---------iamjaideep80
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