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Thu Feb 16 12:28:37 EST 2006


I used it last year to visualize the data from the Gamma Ray 
Spectrometer aboard
the Mars Odyssey 2001 satellite while I was at the Lunar and Plantary Lab at
Univ. of Arizona.  Jolly good fun!  I'll wrote some simple plugins to create
texture maps and geo to track the migration of CO2 "ice" from pole to pole
throughout the Martian year.


> Hi people.
> I just wondered, which other industries - not movies, ads, and games 
> - use Houdini?
> In old SideFX reel I've seen something from Nasa or LockheadMartin. 
> If one would like to get a job in different industry using Houdni 
> what are requirements? Demo reel with happy dancing bears isn't the 
> best way I think.
> Anybody has experience with it?
> r|m
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