[Sidefx-houdini-list] Real Flow + Houdini

Kaschalk, Michael Michael.Kaschalk at disney.com
Wed Feb 15 19:00:50 EST 2006

I think Bill's summary matches my experience pretty well.

Bill Watral wrote:

> I have been using Realflow for 6+ years now and I have to say it is 
> 'usable' for production but it takes some serious getting used to.
> Mark's hooks for houdini are very solid. The realflow hooks for maya 
> are ok. The mesher for maya is solid (a few bugs though). The particle 
> loader for maya leaves much to be desired (it would be good to have 
> the source for this available).
> realflow->houdini (Mark Story) = works very well.
> realflow->maya (Next Limit = usable with some caveats.
> realflow->houdini->maya = functional but not straight forward. (this 
> can be used for houdini to maya too if you want to be creative)
> maya->realflow = solid
> houdini->realflow= solid
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