[Sidefx-houdini-list] Real Flow + Houdini

Bill Watral bill at charlex.com
Wed Feb 15 18:11:29 EST 2006

I was in touch with Peter Baldwin over at Myrtle (5*5) recently and in 
the a few months we should have a new version of 5*5 that is all slicked 
up ready for the average user ;)

I have been using Realflow for 6+ years now and I have to say it is 
'usable' for production but it takes some serious getting used to.

Mark's hooks for houdini are very solid. The realflow hooks for maya are 
ok. The mesher for maya is solid (a few bugs though). The particle 
loader for maya leaves much to be desired (it would be good to have the 
source for this available).

realflow->houdini (Mark Story) = works very well.
realflow->maya (Next Limit = usable with some caveats.
realflow->houdini->maya = functional but not straight forward. (this can 
be used for houdini to maya too if you want to be creative)
maya->realflow = solid
houdini->realflow= solid

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