[Sidefx-houdini-list] Real Flow + Houdini

mstory at xion.org mstory at xion.org
Wed Feb 15 17:54:48 EST 2006

> This has nothing to do with Houdini. I just wanted to know, based on 
> your email address, if you acctually own a Xion?

A Xion?  Not sure I understand, I really have no idea what you're 
talking about ... If you wanted to know what "xion" means in my world, 
you'd have to go
wandering through the wilderness, exceeding the speed of light through distant
star systems only to pop your head up over the event horizon to hear the
morning birds greet the day ... but I digress ...

> If you do I have another question for you; how can you drive a car 
> being visually impaired?

Visually impaired ... another mystery ...

Care to inform the list of what you're talking about?


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