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shawn hawkins harlequingraphics at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 15 16:39:28 EST 2006

This has nothing to do with Houdini. I just wanted to know, based on your email address, if you acctually own a Xion? If you do I have another question for you; how can you drive a car being visually impaired?

mstory at xion.org wrote:  Woops ... sent this to Jed instead of the list ... sorry Jed :-)


Thanks everyone for the kind words regarding the Houdini Real Flow plugins, I
only wish I had more time to squish a few more bugs, add some more features,
etc.; it has been a fun project and JC's correct, the source code is now
available on sourceforge.com for you to improve and extend. (The ROP/IFD will
be available in a few weeks, I'm relocating again and don't have my 
home office
set up). It was so great to work so many people these last few years 
with this
project, I've met some incredible people directly related to this project and
for me personally has been the greatest reward.

On the subject (Real Flow), I would say it has potential, but also has some
serious drawbacks, as JC mentioned, the GUI is difficult and trying. 
It can be
a great tool to "play with" but is not what I would consider production ready,
though there's been some hardy souls you've had made some amazing work 
with it.

The beauty of using it with Houdini (I know you all know this already) is the
fact that one can take all of the data coming out of RF and apply it to
virtually anything in Houdini, good luck with that in Maya ...

One other *very* important issue to consider is support ... Next Limit 
has been
very difficult to depend on for timely, comprehensive support, it's an open
sore in my mind and prevents Next Limit's to be taken seriously. It's a real
disappointment, and I've been through many of these scenarios with them that I
just can't understand what the disconnect is. I do hope they improve the
product and the support, Next Limit has a really good group of people, I do
wish them well, but they need to step up to the plate on these critical 

Overall, I would say have fun but be patient ...

Hope that helps.


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