[Sidefx-houdini-list] filling a volume with points?

Ben Schrijvers Ben.Schrijvers at framestore-cfc.com
Tue Feb 14 06:26:48 EST 2006

This is one of the ways..

You can use the Iso Offset Sop and then switch on the "Build Tetra Mesh" 
Then use a Add Sop and switch on the "Delete Geometry But Keep the 
Points" toggle to get your pointcloud.

This tetra method has some disadvantages..
First all points form a grid where you might want a random distribution.
But you can just use a point Sop to randomize these point positions.
Second the edge has this grid shape as well and so it doesn't discribe 
the original volume accurate.
To solve that you could offset the Iso Offset a bit to create a 
pointcloud that overlaps the original shape.
Then use the original geometry the group the inside points (bounding) 
and delete the rest.
In this step you might want to use another Iso Offset Sop again instead 
of using the original geometry.


Bill Watral wrote:

> How do you fill a volume with points (or particles)?
> I am interested in a few different way to do this in Houdini.
> Filling a mesh object would be optimal.
> Thanks!
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