[Sidefx-houdini-list] Row of books, procedurally

Thomas Johnson ntmatter at gmail.com
Fri Feb 10 04:23:28 EST 2006

Peter Bowmar wrote:
> Hello,
>     Here's a challenge, that my little brain can't deal with. I want to create a row of books, with random widths, but they are all "touching" each other. I'm sure, sure, sure there is a straightforward way to do this with the Copy SOP, but I can't get it.

This was a fun challenge :)

This is a slightly different approach than the other responses already
submitted, but it seems to work anyhow. Basically, it uses a fractal
SOP to mess with the points of a simple Line SOP to generate the book
boundaries. The points are then sorted in the X-axis for the Copy SOP,
which stamps the segment length onto each point and adds a little
extra variable for deleting the extra book that shows up on the end.

With a little bit of extra work, you should be able to better
parameterize the whole network. Even better, replace the Box SOP with
a procedural book that takes in parameters for depth, height, width,
and cover thickness, then pull in textures from your favourite 3D
references :)

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