[Sidefx-houdini-list] Row of books, procedurally

Dan Seddon dan.seddon at framestore-cfc.com
Wed Feb 8 16:12:07 EST 2006

Hi Peter
You just need to compensate for the previous random value in each next 
one, you know what that was if you're using $CY (i.e. using $CY -1 ) e.g.

Make translate Y:

$CY + rand($CY-1)

and make Scale Y:

1 + rand($CY) - rand($CY-1)

Hope that helps.


> Hello,
>     Here's a challenge, that my little brain can't deal with. I want 
> to create a row of books, with random widths, but they are all 
> "touching" each other. I'm sure, sure, sure there is a straightforward 
> way to do this with the Copy SOP, but I can't get it.
>     Basically, if I have a Box SOP representing a single book, Y and Z 
> scale unimportant, but X is 1 unit wide, I want to copy that book in 
> X, having each copy be a random size in X (but greater or equal to 1), 
> and each copy transformed in X so it sits nicely with no gap next to 
> the previous book.
>     I've tried using no template input on the Copy SOP, just using 
> expressions in Transform and Scale, or stamping values into a 
> Transform SOP above. I'm sure this can be done, but I can't get it.
>     I've also tried taking a single point, and copying it, stamping an 
> attribute that holds the value used to transform it, then stamping a 
> scale into the Box SOP that way. Again, can't get it.
>     Any help appreciated :) I look forward to multiple ways to 
> accomplish it :)
> Cheers,
> Peter B
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