[Sidefx-houdini-list] DOPS: stuck inside a volume

steven ong steve_nong at pointy.tv
Wed Feb 8 12:12:02 EST 2006

Hi Bill,

In the RBD Solver, there is a "Resolve Penetration" parameter which
might unstick the object for you. I believe the value is the number of
frames for the RBD Solver to resolve the penetration.

Two other parameters in the RBD Solver, Min & Max Substeps, might also
help you. Try increasing them & see if it works.

Please let us know if it works.


> I am creating a rigid body simulation of a lottery ball machine.  It
> is
> the type of machine that has paddles that rotate and stir the balls
> around a drum with some air blowing in to keep the balls floating
> around
> a bit.
> Things are working pretty well in the sim but I have run into a
> problem
> I cannot figure out. The paddles collide with the balls and once in a
> while a ball will get stuck on the paddle. Once this happens it stays
> stuck to it and just rotates around the drum stuck there.
> All collisions are laser scan ray intersect volume collisions. I have
> run through visualizing all the collision geo and it all looks closed
> and appears to have good topology. I am not using glue at all. My
> friction on all objects (static and dynamic) is 0.2 or lower. Bounce
> is
> set diff. per object  but is no more than 1 and is about .8 on most of
> the structure (the balls are the only things set at 1 for bounce). I
> have one gravity and one fan (blowing from below with some noise). The
> balls that do not get stuck fall nicely back down to the bottom, so I
> know it is not centripetal force keeping the balls pinned to the
> paddles.
> Has anyone run into objects getting stuck inside volume collision
> objects?
> Is there a setting to increase the force a volume applys to correct
> penetrations?
> Thanks
> Bill
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