[Sidefx-houdini-list] The R button

Jenny Blacklock Jenny_Blacklock at CBC.CA
Wed Feb 8 09:54:00 EST 2006

Hi Peter, 
   Here's another cute feature we tend to forget about;

 Press ` (backtick) in the network editor to pop up the File selector,
and select as many files as you want. Press 'ok' and one geo object
containing one files SOP will be created for each geo you selected (with
the correct filenames set, of course). 

   This is also listed in the Ctrl - RMB


>>> pbowmar at gmail.com 02/08/06 9:06 AM >>>
Hi all,
	So, did anyone know that if you have a multi input node (2 or
that when it is selected, you can type 'r' and the inputs are 
flipped/cycled? Phil Spicer just showed me this, it will save a huge 
amount of time. When was it put in? Where is it documented? Where in the

UI do you find the menu equiv?
	Phil found out because Shake does it (and documents it) and his
memory made him do it in Houdini... and it worked!!


Peter B
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