[Sidefx-houdini-list] The R button

Michael Goldfarb goldfarb at corefa.com
Wed Feb 8 09:11:33 EST 2006

see this is where SESI is really smart...if a feature is documented 
elsewhere then there is no need for them to do it :)

Peter Bowmar wrote:
> Hi all,
>     So, did anyone know that if you have a multi input node (2 or 
> higher) that when it is selected, you can type 'r' and the inputs are 
> flipped/cycled? Phil Spicer just showed me this, it will save a huge 
> amount of time. When was it put in? Where is it documented? Where in the 
> UI do you find the menu equiv?
>     Phil found out because Shake does it (and documents it) and his 
> muscle memory made him do it in Houdini... and it worked!!
> Cheers,
> Peter B
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