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Caleb J. Howard calebh at adelphia.net
Mon Feb 6 22:20:29 EST 2006

Will gave a presentation and signed copies of the book today at Sony.  
He was quite happy to mention your anecdote, Doug.  Indeed he used it to 
exemplify his hopes for the book already fulfilled.

I just got my copy today, and of first inspection it looks great.  I 
irritatingly left it at work tonight, but I've other things pressing me 
anyway, so perhaps it's for the best. 

I've been at times rather focused in my own experience with Houdini. 
(Can you say nothing but particles for the last decade-plus?)  So the 
scope and depth of the book hold a great deal for me in terms of 
bringing me up to speed with some of the aspects of Houdini which I 
haven't as yet had cause to figure out for myself.

Thanks Will!  I am relieved and grateful that my charade as a Houdini 
expert is now bolstered by a good and useful reference and guide.

P.S. When I said earlier that you had "ruptured a membrane of history" 
with this book, I meant that the first attempt at any endeavour (like a 
Houdini book) always seems to face the greatest resistance - blazing, 
(perhaps) a trail, and setting a standard for those which follow.

P.P.S, I should say that I don't mean to suggest that the task of 
writing a book is any the less herculean for Craig Zerouni, or any of 
the other talented folks who may be working on one...  quite the 
contrary.  I just mean that it takes more to establish the existence of 
a market in the eyes of a publisher when there is no product out there 
yet to demonstrate the market's potential.  Given the timing, I expect 
Craig had to sell his book in a similar vacuum.

P.P.P.S.  I made the index!  Woohoo!  It's funny the things that make me 
feel like I exist.

Thanks again Will!  By your presentation today, you embody grace under 


Doug Struthers wrote:

>To everyone who spent their time and efforts to create the book, thank you.
>I received mine on Friday and expected to read it cover to cover.  However
>my young son Tristan got hold of it and was inspired and mightily impressed
>to see Peter and Jeff's familiar names.
>Despite my many explanations of 3D space and how geometry is represented he
>now reports that for the 1st time he really understands.  He has his desk
>and computer right next to me in my studio and is sure he is going to
>download Apprentice and learn Houdini.
>Your book has already inspired at least one young mind and one somewhat
>older.  That alone may be worth your while.
>Happy remunerations!
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