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Lyn Caudle lyn at janimation.com
Mon Feb 6 09:35:40 EST 2006

Interesting My son took an interest in the book as well, as I have had 
my nose stuck in it for two weeks now.
What are you reading Dada. He thinks he wants to learn to be an animator.
The really odd bit is his name is Tristan also!

A bit OT but oh well.

Its great to see all this new material  coming out now
The Houdini 101 DVD.
This book  of course
New tuts from SESI
Another book soon ( Craig's  )
Whoo Hoo..

Visual Effects Supervisor
Doug Struthers wrote:

>To everyone who spent their time and efforts to create the book, thank you.
>I received mine on Friday and expected to read it cover to cover.  However
>my young son Tristan got hold of it and was inspired and mightily impressed
>to see Peter and Jeff's familiar names.
>Despite my many explanations of 3D space and how geometry is represented he
>now reports that for the 1st time he really understands.  He has his desk
>and computer right next to me in my studio and is sure he is going to
>download Apprentice and learn Houdini.
>Your book has already inspired at least one young mind and one somewhat
>older.  That alone may be worth your while.
>Happy remunerations!
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