[Sidefx-houdini-list] A Second Houdini Book

Caleb J. Howard calebh at adelphia.net
Fri Feb 3 01:38:50 EST 2006

Jean-Claude wrote:

> Oh my...
> Caleb... the man who made me think I'm not going to be anything cool 
> with houdini .... !!! :)

Oh dear.  I hope I don't make anyone feel that way.  My advice, as a 
somewhat baffled person, is that the stuff we're doing is pretty easy.  
Any apparent complexities you may encounter are failings of the UI 
design.  ;-)

Houdini makes math visceral - easy to get your fingers into.

> Your POP intro about your personal "animal life" project from the 
> "Magic of Houdini" book simply drove me crazy... 

Sweet!  I *do* like to make people feel that way!  ;-)

> I must admit i'd like to see that scene.. or render.. or anything from 
> it.. but i wont ask for obvious reasons.

I've attached a pic.  I did the sequence for the Jan2000 cover of IEEE's 
Computer Graphics and Applications journal. I loved that it worked.  I 
love it when stuff works. :-)  I wonder if attachments to the list work.

> . just wanted to let you know i was amazed by reading just the 
> description.


> sorry for the Off topic.. but when i read "the" name i had to reply 
> and express my enthusiasm for what you wrote there.

Umm...  Thanks!



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