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Yep - good work Will and co. Following a quick skim I thought it was
comprehensive and well written.

Just quietly - I find the prospect of having to code all my shots in a text
editor intimidating. With high end work it seems there's a lot of that for
non-Houdini users.

Here's some thoughts (inspired by Caleb Howard's recently published writing)
for all those feeling indecision about whether to learn Houdini:

It's good to fall in love with 3D software that doesn't start destroying
your life a year or so later. Houdini may not present itself like a woman in
an Amsterdam window. It may not intoxicate you with the joys of instant
gratification like some other packages. But when the mirage of that initial
honeymoon is over it doesn't leave you at some hellish impasse with a
life-long scourge either. When you choose to learn a 3D package, you're
choosing something that you will potentially spend decades of your life
with. Although it's tempting, you don't want to make a long-term choice like
that based on the promise of easy initial gains. As with many things, that
which seems daunting at first usually has greater promise for the long term
future. Also, the facade of simplicity proffered by other tools may have
delivered gains in the short term, but it can end up being the very bane of
your existence in the long term. If you're undecided about whether to make
the investment to learn Houdini, my advice would be to pursue gui-based,
full-blown proceduralism like your life depends on it. There's plenty of
high end companies that will quickly respect your decision with employment
working on feature films.


On 03/02/06, Ziggy Uszkurat <ziggy at zigzagfilms.com> wrote:
> Chris
> I just got Will's book -- along with many others, I can only give it the
> highest endorsement. It's not just a very good book about Houdini, it is
> also very well written, concise and clear textbook. I suspect even a
> hardened Houdini user will find a lot of gems -- however, for us Houdini
> virgins, the amount and quality of information is outstanding. And, no, it
> is not intimidating -- Will gives step by step guides. You jump right in
> an
> learn through example. Just buy the book!
> Ziggx
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> Hello,
> It is great to finally see the first Houdini book realeased. I have not
> had
> a chance
> to read it other than the sample pages shown on Amazon. But, my question
> is:
> Is the whole book just like the sample pages? The shown pages are 90%
> text.
> To a lot
> if people I know this software is already intimidating, and after looking
> the sneak peak
> of book. It makes Houdini look really intimidating.
> Overall, best to all the authors and I look foward to any books released
> on
> Houdini to add to
> my library.
> Best,
> Chris Exarhos
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