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I just got Will's book -- along with many others, I can only give it the
highest endorsement. It's not just a very good book about Houdini, it is
also very well written, concise and clear textbook. I suspect even a
hardened Houdini user will find a lot of gems -- however, for us Houdini
virgins, the amount and quality of information is outstanding. And, no, it
is not intimidating -- Will gives step by step guides. You jump right in an
learn through example. Just buy the book!


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It is great to finally see the first Houdini book realeased. I have not had
a chance
to read it other than the sample pages shown on Amazon. But, my question is:

Is the whole book just like the sample pages? The shown pages are 90% text.
To a lot
if people I know this software is already intimidating, and after looking
the sneak peak
of book. It makes Houdini look really intimidating.

Overall, best to all the authors and I look foward to any books released on
Houdini to add to
my library.

Chris Exarhos

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