[Sidefx-houdini-list] How to Create Vops using HDK

Lucio Flores dogboy_l at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 31 17:08:03 EDT 2006

Ah... well, with the HDK, you can't make new GUI widgets. (99% certain about

As far as Ramp Editors go, I've taken a stab at it while tinkering. Here is a
pic and a brief explanation....


It's a periodic ramp editor I created for a fractal renderer I tinker with from
time to time.....

--- Jaideep Khadilkar <iamjaideep80 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hi Evrybody..
> Thanks for ur support. I got ur point of making vex Function using Hdk first
> and then implimenting that to make a vop.
> But the problem is , I want to make a Ramp interface into a Vop.
> Thru Hdk I am able to create that interface which is same interface found in
> Color POP. But using dialog script will i be able to make that dynamic Ramp
> interface??? Because I didn't find any Vop using that Ramp...
> Waiting for ur reply.


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