[Sidefx-houdini-list] dPds, dPdt troubleshooting...

hoknamahn at cgtalk.ru hoknamahn at cgtalk.ru
Thu Aug 31 11:24:10 EDT 2006

Ben Schrijvers wrote:
 > It's a real pitty you can't query P in (textured) uv space to 
calculate you own derivatives. Or can you?
 > What about the good old baking P in texture space and then query that 
as texture map during the "beauty pass".. ?
Thanks for suggestions! First thing can do the trick. I have tried and 
it works. I'm not sure that it works in the way I want. I will discover 
it later.
The second idea isn't flexible :)

Simon Barrick wrote:
 > There's a very long thread on odForce where Mario did battle with this
 > problem, it even defeated him... Don't have time to find it at the mo.
 > But a quick search should turn it up.
I have found it! Nice thread :)

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