Vex Shaders (was Re: [Sidefx-houdini-list] point sop color)

Garman Herigstad garman_lists at
Sat Aug 26 18:28:07 EDT 2006

While the current base of default vex shaders could have better rendering characterists, I have discovered there is a gem in them.

For the "I want to learn shader writing" crowd out there, you can RMB-Type Properties on any of the VEX Shops and find the code used to write the shader in the vex "Renderman Interface" style of code.

I could slap myself for not knowing this earlier.  But now that I know it's there, I'll slap myself happy.

This is a super great tool for learning how to write shaders in the traditional code-style.   Not to say the VOPs style is bad.  Not, VOPs is good.  But both are great.

RMB-Type Properties.  I love it!

Floyd Gillis <floyd at> wrote: I love this idea.... it would be great for all us "non-swimmers" who 
haven't dived into VOP's yet.  (I've waded into the "pool" many times 
but always get that drowning feeling and have to get out).

One suggestion... don't chuck any existing shaders before they've 
positively been replaced by the VOP based ones.


Sean Lewkiw wrote:
> Excellent idea.  As Peter says, the current mess o' shaders that come 
> with Houdini are a bit of a dog's brekkie of legacy stuff.  Some use 
> the alpha, some use point colours, some don't, etc.  Yup, chuck them 
> all out and replace with VOP based ones, which would also be a great 
> teaching tool.
> So, each shader would reference a VOP network that contains an 
> unlockable digital asset that you could then edit yourself.  Sweet.  
> No, super sweet.
> Sean

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