[Sidefx-houdini-list] motionbuilder->Houdini

Rangi Sutton rangi.sutton at gmail.com
Thu Aug 24 22:38:38 EDT 2006

Ezekiel M wrote:
> ive heard about collada and it seams niiiice, if houdini doesnt export
> collada this will be a little tricky
> i was thinking of how to import the bvh to houdini, i might export the
> hierarchy from motionbuilder to bvh (in fact that will not be a bvh for
> convention sakes... but
> motionbuilder export it anyway) and bring the curve animation from 
> that file
> to the bones inside houdini
> that would be a nice thing to try out,
.bvh files do contain the bone heirachy, and it can be arbitrary. It's a 
simply nested text file format. I've heard other maya/motionbuilder folk 
talk about .bvh like it relates to a specific skeleton type or 
something. Not true.

mcbiovision ($HFS/bin/mcbiovision) does exactly what you describe.. 
creates a .cmd file that when sourced makes the bones, and a chop 
network that exports the channels to them. It breaks the back of the 
problem of motionbuilder->houdini, but collada sounds like it could be a 
cleaner approach, but I haven't looked into it.

> but that would be the second part,
> the first would be how to export from houdini to motiobuilder (skining 
> and
> blends included)
Hmmm.. skinning and blends included could get damn complicated. Is that 
really necessary? If you have skinned and animated stuff in one package 
perhaps exporting frame by frame geometry is the way to go.

> i might have to use maya for that step, but having to pay
> for maya just for export to motionbuilder.... mmmmhhhh... i dont see 
> that as
> a possible option, and i would have to fin the way to export de
> geometry/bones/blends, making a previz binding and connect all the 
> blends in
> maya to export to motionbuilder... 
it might be possible.. your going to be munging stuff by hand I guess. 
How's your perl/python?
> i would love to doo all the animation in motionbuilder and then bring 
> it to
> houdini as it is, coz all the control that you have in motionbuilder for
> mapping are a must...
What do you mean specifically by mapping? Weighting? There might be a 
way to output texture maps of the weights, then build an HDA that turns 
those maps into weights in houdini. Or more munging. Is this the sort of 
the collada is capable of?

I always imagined using motionbuilder being used for animation with 
basic skinned proxy geomtry, then pipe that into a fully skinned rig in 
houdini for finalling. Or something.

Goodluck with it!

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