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Ezekiel M ezequielm at gmail.com
Thu Aug 24 10:57:30 EDT 2006

ive heard about collada and it seams niiiice, if houdini doesnt export
collada this will be a little tricky
i was thinking of how to import the bvh to houdini, i might export the
hierarchy from motionbuilder to bvh (in fact that will not be a bvh for
convention sakes... but
motionbuilder export it anyway) and bring the curve animation from that file
to the bones inside houdini
that would be a nice thing to try out, but that would be the second part,
the first would be how to export from houdini to motiobuilder (skining and
blends included), i might have to use maya for that step, but having to pay
for maya just for export to motionbuilder.... mmmmhhhh... i dont see that as
a possible option, and i would have to fin the way to export de
geometry/bones/blends, making a previz binding and connect all the blends in
maya to export to motionbuilder...

i would love to doo all the animation in motionbuilder and then bring it to
houdini as it is, coz all the control that you have in motionbuilder for
mapping are a must...

im finishing my reel in maya/motionbuilder, so in a little while ill get my
hands dirty about this subject, thanks!!!!!
ill get back to ya when i try this things out

On 8/24/06, Rangi Sutton <rangi.sutton at gmail.com> wrote:
> Ezekiel M wrote:
> > Hi everybody
> > currently im a maya user slowly migrating to houdini... to make the
> > second
> > part of my demo reel
> >
> > my biggest doubt about houdini is the "houdini and motionbuilder"
> > workflow,
> > didnt find anything on the web, and im a motionbuilder user aswell
> > (worked
> > as a mocap operator for 2 years with a ascension, and character setup
> for
> > real time...) so this is one of my problems...
> >
> > exporting and animating the char in motionbuilder, and then bringing
> back
> > the bones anim curves to maya is a great thing that i dont wanna miss
> > if i
> > start to work with houdini
> > is there a way to get the motionbuilder into the houdini workflow?
> > without
> > using bvh... coz as you know all the spine/rolls/ and extra bones that
> > dont
> > get into the bvh is lost in the translation...
> Hey Ezekiel,
> I'm not sure what data your losing by going down the bvh route. Do you
> mean you lose rigging setup that's more sophisticated than a heriachy of
> bone rotations? That could get difficult. You'll maybe need to roll your
> own assets to mimic the rigging behaviour inside houdini, then develop a
> way of exporting the controlling channels from motionbuilder as regular
> bones or something.
> But first of all check out mcbiovision which ships with houdini. It
> culls the last joint off each character however, so run this script on
> the .bvh before running mcbiovision. It sticks a dummy joint on each
> extremity.
> http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_wrapper&Itemid=145
> Or maybe collada will save the day! I'd be keen to hear how that goes.
> Cheers,
> Rangi.
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