[Sidefx-houdini-list] motionbuilder->Houdini

Rangi Sutton rangi.sutton at gmail.com
Thu Aug 24 01:09:41 EDT 2006

Ezekiel M wrote:
> Hi everybody
> currently im a maya user slowly migrating to houdini... to make the 
> second
> part of my demo reel
> my biggest doubt about houdini is the "houdini and motionbuilder" 
> workflow,
> didnt find anything on the web, and im a motionbuilder user aswell 
> (worked
> as a mocap operator for 2 years with a ascension, and character setup for
> real time...) so this is one of my problems...
> exporting and animating the char in motionbuilder, and then bringing back
> the bones anim curves to maya is a great thing that i dont wanna miss 
> if i
> start to work with houdini
> is there a way to get the motionbuilder into the houdini workflow? 
> without
> using bvh... coz as you know all the spine/rolls/ and extra bones that 
> dont
> get into the bvh is lost in the translation...
Hey Ezekiel,

I'm not sure what data your losing by going down the bvh route. Do you 
mean you lose rigging setup that's more sophisticated than a heriachy of 
bone rotations? That could get difficult. You'll maybe need to roll your 
own assets to mimic the rigging behaviour inside houdini, then develop a 
way of exporting the controlling channels from motionbuilder as regular 
bones or something.

But first of all check out mcbiovision which ships with houdini. It 
culls the last joint off each character however, so run this script on 
the .bvh before running mcbiovision. It sticks a dummy joint on each 


Or maybe collada will save the day! I'd be keen to hear how that goes.


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