[Sidefx-houdini-list] particle birth - deforming source

Joel Einhorn sjowol at gmail.com
Wed Aug 23 13:57:31 EDT 2006

not entirely sure if this is what you want but i did a quick test and that
seems to work.
in your popnet make a collision that is set to your birthgrid (grid needs to
be triangles, set colision to deforming geo and behaviour to stick)
create a group with your $LIFE parameter for when you want them to release
append a split pop with the source group being the one you just created,
turn kill original particles on
et voila
is that what you are looking for? only problem is te original particle dying
so might give you point number troubles.
maybe use 2 groups, 1 to collide and 1 to move them? wouldn't that work?

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