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zoran arizanovic zoran.arizanovic at gmail.com
Wed Aug 23 10:28:43 EDT 2006

Thanks Mark
I installed 84.xxxxxxx version which was certified, instead 91.....which is
everything works ok now
houdini and maya

On 8/23/06, Mark Alexander <malexander at sidefx.com> wrote:
> Hi Zoran,
> NVidia and ATI have been know to break specific features in their
> drivers from time to time. I suspect it's due to optimization gone a tad
> too far, but whatever the cause, usually there is not much we can do
> about it.
> IMO, upgrading drivers should follow the old adage of "if it ain't
> broke, don't fix it". So unless you're upgrading for a specific bug fix
> or feature, you should stick with a driver that works (for all your
> apps). Seems like every time I've upgraded the driver just because I was
> feeling adventurous, I've been burned :)
> If you do update, make sure you can easily roll back to the previous
> driver. I usually keep the driver installers around, just in case NVidia
> or ATI doesn't.
> Finally, check with the GraphicsCardIssues page over on odwiki as well -
> might save you some grief as many driver-specific problems are already
> documented. If you do find a problem not listed (like this one), please
> add it to that page.
> http://www.odforce.net/wiki/index.php/GraphicsCardIssues
> Cheers,
> M.
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Zoran Arizanovic

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