[Sidefx-houdini-list] Quadro drivers

Mark Alexander malexander at sidefx.com
Wed Aug 23 10:08:48 EDT 2006

Hi Zoran,

NVidia and ATI have been know to break specific features in their 
drivers from time to time. I suspect it's due to optimization gone a tad 
too far, but whatever the cause, usually there is not much we can do 
about it.

IMO, upgrading drivers should follow the old adage of "if it ain't 
broke, don't fix it". So unless you're upgrading for a specific bug fix 
or feature, you should stick with a driver that works (for all your 
apps). Seems like every time I've upgraded the driver just because I was 
feeling adventurous, I've been burned :)

If you do update, make sure you can easily roll back to the previous 
driver. I usually keep the driver installers around, just in case NVidia 
or ATI doesn't.

Finally, check with the GraphicsCardIssues page over on odwiki as well - 
might save you some grief as many driver-specific problems are already 
documented. If you do find a problem not listed (like this one), please 
add it to that page.



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