[Sidefx-houdini-list] Houdini book update

Craig Zerouni craig at sidefx.com
Mon Aug 21 12:40:47 EDT 2006

Hi -

Sorry if you already read this on the Forum, but...

Earlier this year, I announced the germination of a second Houdini book, 
based on the concept of a collection of tips and tricks - the thread was 

The original concept was to publish a book right about now, that would 
be compatible with Houdini 9. But H9 has moved out into next year, and 
meanwhile I had some useful tidbits that relate to 8/8.1, and I thought 
- why hold on to them?

So I'm making this shorter version of the book available now, completely 
free. You can go here
and get it either as a PDF or (and I think this is pretty slick myself) 
you can order it printed and bound. The cost for the printed version is 
$6 plus shipping, and I get zip - that is just the cost of printing a 75 
page paperback book. If you just want the content, you can download the 
PDF (though you do have to register - sorry about that). It's free 
because I'm using it as a test run. Think of it as the Open Source 
version of the book to come.

This version has 50 "hacks", where the Houdini 9 version will be more 
like 200. And since that will be published by an actual for-profit 
enterprise, it won't be free. On the other hand, it will be 
professionally designed, and thus much better looking. But I think the 
concept of publish-on-demand is so compelling, I wanted to do something 
using that format. And this is it.

Have fun!


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