[Sidefx-houdini-list] I3d Opacity

Louis louis at realisestudio.com
Wed Aug 9 09:36:01 EDT 2006

Rangi Sutton wrote:
> Louis wrote:
>> But yes, more local variables are great! A good trick (in case it's 
>> not crystal clear already) to re-create local variables for an 
>> attribute "foo" that already exists is just to put down an Attribute 
>> Create SOP with $FOO in the value field. Better than having to muck 
>> around with something like point(opinputpath(".",0),$PT,"foo",0) etc 
>> etc..
> Speaking of variable mappings.. I was just trying to create/copy 
> mappings by directly modifying the varmap attribute. Only works for 
> one variable mapping.. which is weird.
> Basically.. use an AttributeCreate sop, set it to Name: "varmap", 
> Class: Detail, Type: String, then put in the String values the 
> expression `details("../srcSop","varmap")` you would expect it to copy 
> all the variable mappings. It only creates the first.
> Similarily, hitting alt-e (to user the editor so we can put in a 
> new-line character) in the String attribute and setting it to:
> foo->FOO
> bar->BAR
> only maps foo. Any ideas on how to bulk create this mappings manually? 
> I thought I'd already done it once before but must be mistaken.
> Beers,
> r.
That is wierd actually!

Even in the spreadsheet multiple varmap elements won't show up and 
running an echo of the details() expression also only shows one element 
no matter how many are there! If you can't even get at the varmap 
attribute properly, methinks you're stuffed.. SESI?


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