[Sidefx-houdini-list] Collada Examples with Houdini

Justin Martin justin at dneg.com
Tue Aug 8 10:40:30 EDT 2006

I was trying to play with Collada a while ago for Maya/Houdini 
translations and ran into a frustrating wall.  Didn't hear from anyone 
on the Forum who has got it working with Linux which is a little worrying.

Houdini seems to be doing the right thing and will read Collada.
Maya wont write Collada out of the box.  You need to go to freesoftware 
and download ColladaMaya - if you're on Windows it's an executable, if 
you're on Linux you need to download the source and build it.

Pretty annoying when the point is that you could finally move things 
between packages without having to build anything - except you do.  It's 
quickly fallen into the "look at that when I can twist someone's arm to 
build it" basket rather than something that you're up and running with.

Ho hum

Garman Herigstad wrote:

>Are there examples of using COLLADA with Houdini 8.1? 
>Anyone have some sample input files?
>And which other main 3D packages are able to
>It all seems so cool.  It's like not needing to render
>.tga files!
>Garman Herigstad
>garman at vizyacky.com
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