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Peter Robbinson probbins at corefa.com
Wed Aug 2 10:13:19 EDT 2006

The general thing I watch out for when buying a laptop has to do with 
the graphics card.
In order to increase the battery life laptop manufacturers lobotomize 
the graphics cards, reducing the core and gram frequency and
turning off half the gram. However they don't do a good job of telling 
you that.
So the card they advertise usually reads like the card you would 
normally receive for a workstation, but it isn't.
Read carefully.


Jean-Claude wrote:

> Paul Simpson wrote:
>>> Right now I am running RH on one of the machines and Suse10.1 on two 
>>> others
>>> so I will get to see if this serendipity reveals anything useful.
>> For what it's worth, I have two dual core dual proc Opteron's running 
>> opensuse 10.1 really well.  Actually, they are our most stable 
>> machines...
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> I just ordered my thinkpad T60p with Dual core Intel cpus.. I hope 
> everything will run fine with Fedora core 5 as it does my actual t43p 
> ... anyone had any experiences? (Centrino duo core if i'm not wrong)
> cheers.

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