[Sidefx-houdini-list] RE: Other Linux Options

Doug Struthers dragonfly at dougstruthers.com
Tue Aug 1 10:16:59 EDT 2006

This user group is so helpful.  I forget the exact words but something like
"help a man in trouble...."  Yesterday I was in a world of hurt with
critical deadlines on near horizons.  Well, you all know what I mean.  Many
many thanks for all your suggestions and related experiences.

Right now I am running RH on one of the machines and Suse10.1 on two others
so I will get to see if this serendipity reveals anything useful.

> I use SuSE10.1 on Athlon 64 x2 (32 bit mode) and it works 
> fine... perhaps a configuration problem? If it's happening on 
> 3 machines then it's very very unlikely to be hardware...
> Cheers,
> Peter B

Yes, I am presently voting on configuration problem too though the point
John made yesterday, all three machines are made from identical parts does
keep them on the "suspected" list.

The real culprit for the dilemma is me:  three new computers, run them out
of cases, 32bit to 64bit, switch from Win200 - Linux, a new IT person, and
of course do it right in the middle of finalizing month of a year-long
production.  It is a good thing I am the only one who can fire me.

Concerning the computer wall:  I have been monitoring temperatures
(informally) on the 3 computers on a desk with boards laid horizontally and
quiet blower motors mushing air down onto them, one with a graphics board.
Yesterday the room temperature approached 80 due to sunshine, a valued
commodity in Washington.

If heat is going to be a problem and it may well be, perhaps I will
experience young deaths of parts and it is possible that my os problems are
heat related.

I keep "feeling" the temperature around the board as well as keeping a
thermometer above the boards to measure ambient temperature and I think they
are cool.

I will let you all know as my grand experiment continues including photos
when I finally get it on the wall.  No LIQUID I am afraid.

Under most if not all motherboards there is a metal plate located right
behind the cpu.  Is that for shielding or for heat dissipation?   I also
wondered if boards benefit much at all by airflow on the non-component side
of the motherboard?

I am very appreciative of all the help.


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