[Sidefx-houdini-list] Real world spatial data

Caleb J. Howard calebh at adelphia.net
Wed Sep 28 00:42:32 EDT 2005

WRT hip wrangling - Wouldn't it be easier to use hexpand to explode the 
hip into a hierarchy of ascii files, and work on them in that state, and 
then hcollapse the wrangled files back into a hip file?

Just glancing at it, it appears that locked SOps save their data in 
.data files, which are just .bgeo files. You could do whatever parsing 
and manipulation you needed to on locked data by converting the data to 
a .geo file (using gconvert) , munging the resulting ascii format file, 
gconverting back, and hcollapsing it all back into a hip.

Seems easier than hacking a raw hip file - or did I miss your intent?

BTW, are hip files still straight cpio? Anyone know?


H. Weldon wrote:

> Right on! Thank you both. I think I will try both angles. I have been 
> breaking my data up into varying levels of detail with TCL scripts, 
> and in the long run writing my own geos might give me a bit more 
> control. However this is a good excuse to finally teach myself chops 
> as well. That geo text is JUSt what I needed to see. Here I have been 
> trying to figure out where to parse the data into the text of a hip 
> file. Too much garbage in that thing to make heads nor tails of 
> anything. Biggest stumbling block for the hip wrangler I keep trying 
> to design as well. Thanks for the suggestions guys. After I have a few 
> more break thoughs, I'll post the url for the research documentation 
> website. Wish me luck.
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