[Sidefx-houdini-list] Where Am I ?

Jan Walter jwalter at d2.com
Thu Sep 15 14:52:07 EDT 2005

Same for bundles: Pane -> Bundle List
Shift+B (add bundle)
Drag&drop (add selection to bundle) ...

help opbls
    See also: opbadd
    See also: opbrm
    See also: opbname
    See also: opgadd
    See also: opbop
    See also: opgop
    See also: opgrm



Andrew D Lyons wrote:

> Simon Barrick wrote:
> > Shift "L"
> There's also a bunch of commands related to operator groups and bundles.
> 1./ hit "x" when mouse is over network editor. A box should pop-up at 
> top of pane. It contains one group called "ALL" by default.
> 2./ Select a bunch of nodes in the network editor.
> 3./ Hit "g". Notice that you now have another group under ALL.
> Try this in a textport:
> help opg
> help opg
> and then run help on the specific commands. opgls -L may be what you 
> are looking for. There might be something in the docs as well...
> Cheers

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