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Ben Schrijvers Ben.Schrijvers at framestore-cfc.com
Wed Sep 7 06:00:11 EDT 2005

Hi Rangi,

No that would be a to heavy solution for my amount of particles.
Also it' doesn't need to be that evenly spaced in the end, it's just the 
even density I'm after.
Actually it now seems to work if I store my probability attribute in Cd 
and use $CR,$CR for probmin,probmax.
I was trying  /point("../../POPSRC",$P,"myprob",0)/  but that didn't 
work.. for one reason or the other.
That's how I succesfully referenced primitive attributes in the past. I 
just didn't try it the simple way :-)


Rangi Sutton wrote:

> Ben Schrijvers wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> Does someone know how the Birth Probability works?
>> What I'm trying to do is have particles birth from other particles in 
>> a way that the new particles form a evenly spaced trail.
>> So a fast particle would birth more particles then a slow one in a 
>> way that both would leave the same amount along the same distance.
>> The amount of particles to birth per point/sec would be the length(v) 
>> divided by distance between each step.
>> But I can't seem to get the probability to take these values.
>> Anyone any idea.. or a better method?
> Hey Schrijvers,
> Trail the things.. connect them into curves, resample at even lengths. 
> Use that as your particle source. Still gotta be a bit tricky with the 
> birthing but you get pretty good control of the spacing that way. Just 
> a suggestion.
> r.
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