[Sidefx-houdini-list] object_merge DOPs

Ben Schrijvers Ben.Schrijvers at framestore-cfc.com
Tue Oct 25 05:41:02 EDT 2005

Hi Jed,

Not sure what you're doing but you might also be able to use the Dop 
Transform Sop.
It allows you to apply an simulated animation/transformation onto any 
geometry as long as it contains simular group names.
In that way the geometry that you render can be different to the 
geometry that's used for simulation.
That render geometry could have all attributes nessecary for render 
before the Dop Transform and after that go straid to rendering.
I'm using it right now for RBD objects. Not sure if it also works for 
cloth as I think that really should have the same topology.


Jed Schwartz wrote:

> I'm having an odd problem with outputting a DOPs scene to render-
> I create an object merge sop and set the object field to the DOP obj,  
> something like" /obj/dopnet1:Olive/Geometry"--
> Initially this works, I assign shaders to the object and all works  
> fine--  However, after I run the simulation once, I get an "Invalid  
> sop specified" in the object-merge sop- If I toggle any of the  
> options: create point groups, create primitive groups..etc, the merge  
> object works again for another run--  Obviously a huge pain when  
> dealing with lots of objects-
> Anyone else seeing this problem??-
> Thanks!
> Jed-
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