[Sidefx-houdini-list] importing/exporting flame camera moves to Houdini...

Phil Jones phil.jones at thomson.net
Tue Oct 4 15:20:32 EDT 2005

Yikes!  That script is *still* on the web . . .

I almost forgot about *that* script!  (Maybe I've actually blocked it  
from my memory) I wrote that years ago!

Now, if I remember correctly it only converts Tracker data (only x,y  
space) into Softimage channel format.  It definitely won't work for  
3D cameras.

I too would look into the FBX format. ;)


On 4-Oct-05, at 2:34 PM, Michael Goldfarb wrote:

>   Flame2Soft - By Phil Jones
> http://www.edharriss.com/soft3x_tools.htm
> ?
> I'd look into the FBX format...
> Paul Simpson wrote:
> >
> > Are there any utilities out there that can read/write flame  
> camera moves?
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