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Thu Dec 22 20:10:18 EST 2005

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ivan at martian-labs.com writes:

> The original post was a querie about heavy data statistics, do you by any 
> chance
> recall how many  points hookah was pushing around?
> When I went by the secret lab during Treasure Planet, I was told that it 
> pushed
> tens of billions for Armageddon and for Mission to Mars. That is a 
> significant
> number, more than would fit into 2 gigs of RAM at a time, I believe it was
> pre-sorted into screenspace buckets.

The response (and I guess I was wrong with many of my "facts"...):

"To answer your question, i ran simulations on my own sgi machine,
but only with small amounts of particles.  just to get the animation
worked out.  -but when i was ready to throw in the big numbers,
it did, indeed, need big SGI machines.  i mean like 8 to 16 gigs of
memory, if i remember correctly.  

particle count depended on the scene, but i think i went as high as
400 million particles... i think.  as far as render times, they weren't
as bad as people say.  yes, some took a couple of hours a frame, but
once i started really getting efficient with the setups, i could get
simulations with huge amounts of particles to render in 30 minutes
or so. "

So there you go!

-Craig Hoffman

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