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The original post was a querie about heavy data statistics, do you by any chance
recall how many  points hookah was pushing around?
When I went by the secret lab during Treasure Planet, I was told that it pushed
tens of billions for Armageddon and for Mission to Mars. That is a significant
number, more than would fit into 2 gigs of RAM at a time, I believe it was
pre-sorted into screenspace buckets.

Quoting CraigLeeHoffman at aol.com:

> In a message dated 12/20/2005 2:22:41 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
> ivan at martian-labs.com writes:
> > There was also Hookah, a proprietary (Disney/Secret Lab) particle
> > animation/rendering system that would animate and render tens of billions
> of
> > particles. I heard that most of it was written in perl, although most of
> the
> > computation time was taken by the C code. Minimum system requirement was a
> 4
> > proc challenge system with 4 gigs of ram, pretty heavy for 1999. Rev 
> > Lebaredian
> > worked on it, it was deserted after Rev came out with Jig, and simple 
> > houdini
> > particles rendered in Jig looked just as good (in a day on a desktop 
> > machine).
> > 
> I think the last thing that we (back when I was with Disney) used Hookah for
> was "Treasure Planet", which we also used Jig for, by the way.
> Hookah was a CFD particle system that used brute force and a ton of particles
> to do it's magic.  It was basically a "type in some parameters and check the
> results in the morning" sort of thing- not very controllable and fairly slow.
> It gave some nice complex fluid motion though (it was used on the Black Hole
> effect in "Treasure Planet" and lots of space dust on "Armeggadon" before 
> that), but needed Post Effects in a Compositor like blurring, etc. to get the
> final look.  I didn't work with Hookah on "Treasure Planet", (those shots
> were 
> done by Kee Suong who came from the "Secret Lab") but I did work with Jig on
> "Treasure Planet".  I am pretty sure Kee was running Hookah on a dual proc
> Linux 
> PC on "Treasure Planet", and I know RAM was a problem but I doubt he had more
> than 2 Gigs (but then again it may have been run on some other machine in a 
> computer room somewhere instead of his workstation- I could find out if 
> desired...)
> Jig is a Volumetric renderer that deals with particles generated in an 
> outside package- quite different than Hookah which is a particle system but
> simply 
> renders small points (but gazillions of them to get a "Volumetric" look).   I
> believe it was also used for fur for other later projects.  Jig was a pain to
> use at the time compared to Houdini's built in Volumetrics due to the outside
> scripting necessary, but it gave some really beautiful results without a lot
> of 
> work that I have not been able to match with Houdini's native Volumetrics.
> -Craig Hoffman
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