[Sidefx-houdini-list] "Hscript Sop" - workaround ?

Andrew D Lyons tstexture at gmail.com
Mon Dec 19 14:03:18 EST 2005

On 19/12/05, John Coldrick <jc at axyzfx.com> wrote:

>         This might be one of those things that you need to get rather
> in-depth with
> what exactly you want to do before we all stop asking stupid questions
> like
> the following:  :P

Heh! ;)  I have to admit I left it kind of generic because I have in mind
numerous different - but related scenarios. Here's one though:

I have an otl that contains, a Null, a Geo rop, and a File sop. The
interface to the otl has a button that executes the geo rop, then a unix
command that runs something on the written geometry, and then reloads the
processed geometry using the File Sop. The stuff that get's run on the
written geometry at this stage are PDI run steps. Id' like to be able to
execute a single run step - or a script containing multiple steps. I want
control in Houdini over the process in case I want to stop it - as I would
with a Sop. At present I have to cook the run otl manually every frame using
a button/callback hscript. I want it to cook like a SOP though.

        Does this mean you want to have something that lies "in the
> pipeline" of
> SOPs(specifically) and behaves like a Unix SOP, except they don't happen
> to
> worth with std I/O?  I would think that you could still use this by piping
> out to a file then catting it back in(all in the same command call) when
> done.  I'll admit I've never tried this but you might want to take a shot.

        However, you also indicate you want to massage things, perhaps
> getting rather
> complicated with some Perl coding.  If you're going that route, couldn't
> you
> do the same thing?  Your Perl code pipes to stdio?

Thanks - That's something I hadn't thought of. (Xmas parties...)  I'll have
to investigate this some more.

        If that's *not* what you want(in the pipeline, cooked whenever you
> attempt to
> run something down the line), then I would think simply having your Perl
> script and letting it "talk" to the Houdini session could work.

Yep - I have to run hscript commands like "openport" and pass Ammon's perl
interface the port number for hcommand to use in order for perl to talk to
Houdini. While I could open a port prior to cooking my network and then set
the port number to a global var, I'd like to do it more on the fly if

        Or, again, I could simply be missing the whole thing.  :)

All good - thanks!

I think a robust flexible solution to this problem could be useful to a lot
of people. I'm guessing that it could be used to embed certain functionality
from any script-friendly 3D package into Houdini.

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