[Sidefx-houdini-list] Re: perl in Houdini

Andrew D Lyons alyons at anim.dreamworks.com
Mon Aug 29 21:04:13 EDT 2005

Today I've been using openport and hcommand to try and get perl to talk 
to Houdini. I'm hoping to make some kind of an interface to the pipeline 
here for Houdini.

To do so I need to source a hscript command that starts a shell (unix 
command), so the shell can run a perl script, which then runs hcommand 
on the original Houdini process.

Two problems:
1./ STDOUT from hcommand is ending up in Houdini's parent shell and not 

2./ Is it just me - or does this seem like a tenuous foundation for an 
important pipeline interface?



Jeffery Beeland wrote:
> The *major* advantage to an embedded language vs. system calls is that 
> you are no longer forking a new process just to execute that single line 
> of code.

>> John Coldrick wrote:
>>> ...as much as I like Python.  :)  You can use any of these languages 
>>> right now, they can be whatever version you want(not pre-compiled 
>>> into Houdini).  I don't see any need to replace hscript at all.  In 
>>> fact, I'm sure an awful lot of companies have it well embedded into 
>>> their pipeline.  I *still* haven't heard a good explanation of 
>>> exactly what everyone is asking for, except possibly the level of 
>>> embeddedness that TCL enjoys now, for their favourite language.  Even 
>>> that, most agree that's almost cosmetic.
>>>     Confuzzed...


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