Exception handling in the HDK

Mark Story mstory at xion.org
Thu Apr 15 18:16:50 EDT 2004

OK, I guess not ...

The reason I ask is because I was working on a SOP that creates a mesh 
from a set of data representing topographic features and can sometimes 
vary in size of area (I want to crop some data from the set). 
Occasionally I wouldn't get the point count correct and Houdini would 
SEGV (on WIN-XP) when there wasn't a point defined for every row/column. 
  It would have been nice that if there was an exception thrown that 
would have a) indicated the nature of the error and b) allow me to 
recover from the error without core dumping ...

RFE: UT_Exception.h ???



> Are there no facilities to handle exceptions for the HDK?  Aside from 
> those exceptions which may be generated from the standard library, is 
> there any way to catch exceptions from HDK classes themselves?
> --Mark

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