ROPs & IFDs on Linux

Mark Story mstory at
Mon Sep 29 13:43:21 EDT 2003

Greeting earthlings,

>Hmm .. still doesn't work.  It's not a show stopper though, that is unless
>somehow it's related to the core dump on Linux which I doubt because the ROP
>works fine on IRIX & WIN32 even if I don't make that call.
>As a side note, the "SimpleRib" example works, which is what I modeled this
>part of the code after, so I must be missing something somewhere, though
>after your explanation,there's not too many more places to look. ...
>Sounds like a good time to take a break ...
Found the offending line!  And ... it had nothing to do with the 
registerSpecialRenderer() call,

    // Verify that the RealFlow plug-in is in existence...
    if (!lookupIFDRealFlow()) {
        cout << "ERROR: Can't find Real Flow IFD!" << endl;

Which I had taken from the ROP_SimpleRIB.C example ... oops!

So now, not only does the registerSpecialRenderer() call work correctly, 
Houdini doesn't crash on Linux as it tried to load the ROP/IFD combo 
(can you spell relief!).

Peace in the meadow ...


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